New address, same high-quality service

24 September 2020

On September 21, our Laval branch has relocated. We moved from Debray Street to 1501 Des Laurentides Boulevard, in the city’s Vimont neighbourhood. Rest assured that we are committed to continuing to offer the same high-quality service that has...

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Adapted vehicles: have more freedom

23 July 2020

Frail seniors and people with mobility issues often suffer from loneliness… especially in times of quarantine. Now that activities are resuming and that businesses, services and public spaces are gradually reopening, they are given new...

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9 July 2020

We’ve already provided you with a few suggestions of destinations for your summer escapes. Promises are made to be kept: here are more ideas! You will find the vehicle you need among our wide fleet to take on these adventures....

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Here to help you escape!

3 July 2020

We’ve helped many of you in your relocations with our trucks, which remain at your disposal should you need to transport materials if you plan to do some renovations during the warm season. But in these times of progressive deconfinement, we are...

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13 May 2020

The government listed in March moving firms as priority services. By nature, relocations are like cascading dominoes; if some households cannot move, other families will end up homeless. Chain reactions affect the real estate and housing sectors....

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As an essential service, we’re still here for you

17 April 2020

Location Légaré being recognized as an essential service, we want you to know that our activities are maintained Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at our Montréal branch located at 3035 Hochelaga Street, near the Préfontaine metro...

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Planning a group outing to the sugar shack?

16 March 2020

When mild weather is back, it is now a tradition to storm sugar bushes for pleasant sugaring-off parties.Going to the sugar shack has become an annual event for many of us, whether it is to accompany little daycare friends or members of a seniors'...

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Did you know that we sell used vehicles?

14 February 2020

That's right: not only we offer vehicle rentals, but we also have a complete range of used vehicles for sale! Our selection of used vehicles for sale includes cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, cube trucks and specialized trucks. Also, as we frequently...

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Why are our cargo vans so popular ?

25 November 2019

One of our most popular models is the cargo van. Also known by the name Econoline, it is great for moving or transporting just about any object or equipment. POPULAR FOR A NUMBER OF REASONS  The vehicle's maneuverability is probably the main...

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You make a living with music ?

11 November 2019

You have transportation needs for special events or shows that will take place in a nearby town or region? Whether it is for a short-term or a long-term rental, no matter how often or for how long, we have the right vehicle for you. You will find...

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Three centers available

Montréal 3035, rue Hochelaga
Montréal (Québec) H1W 1G1
514 522-6466 Operating hours

Laval1501, boul. des Laurentides
Laval (Québec) H7M 2Y3
514 522-6466 Operating hours

Saint-Constant330, route 132
Saint-Constant (Québec) J5A 1M3
514 522-6466 Operating hours