Tips for your next road trip

19 July 2023

Tips for your next roadtrip

Planning a road trip with a rental car is a great way to seek adventure and discover new horizons. Whether you are a picturesque landscapes, vribant cities, or historic landmarks enthusiast, that kind of trip comes with the freedom to explore at your own pace. To help you plan your getaway, here are five tips. In addition, we will suggest journey planning tools.

1. Do your research before booking.

Before renting a car, take the time to do your homework to avoid unpleasant surprises. Make sure you carefully read the rental terms, including when it comes to fuel consumption, mileage limits, and insurance deductibles. At Location Légaré, we make sure to go over all the terms with you before you leave. You want to avoid waiting for your rental car? Specify in advance when you will stop by and have all information required (reservation number, driver’s licence, credit card). It will allow us to speed up the process and your car will be ready in a snap!

Another pro tip : Have ALL your luggage and things ready and organized before picking up the car. Don’t underestimate how long it may take to organize the car and to what extent this step is important for an enjoyable experience. Keep frequently needed items (cooler, travel documents) nearby, and store what is not used often out of reach.

2. Think about additional protection.

Even if rental cars are usually covered by a basic level of protection, it is recommended to subscribe an additional insurance coverage against accidents or damage. At Location Légaré, we offer two types of coverage in case of damage, with or without deductible. For a few extra dollars, the second option will give you peace of mind during your trip, sparing you unexpected expenses should an accident happen by some misfortune.

3. Check the vehicle’s condition before leaving.

That’s a must! Before hitting the road, take the time to perform a thorough inspection of the rental car. Check tires, lights, brakes, and the car’s general condition. Take pictures or make an inventory of existing damage to avoid subsequent litigation when returning the vehicle. Immediately report any issue. At Location Légaré, we always carry out an inspection with you and all the photos taken prior to departure are included in your file. We take every precaution to prevent surprises during your journey.

4. Plan your route and lodging.

To get the most out of your road trip, lay down a detailed roadmap by determining the places you want to see and the distance to travel each day. Making fewer decisions during the trip will make it an even better experience! In addition, assessing the travel distance will give you a clearer picture of the final cost of your rental, should you exceed the mileage allowance. Identify in advance the recharging terminals along the way if you have decided to rent an electric vehicle. Early lodging reservation is also recommended, especially if you travel in peak season.

5. Prepare an emergency kit with essential supplies.

Before you leave, don’t forget to create an emergency kit including a first aid kit, a set of basic emergency tools, a flashlight, and booster cables. Location Légaré offers 24/7 roadside assistance, but being able to handle things by yourself can come in handy and be quicker. Also make sure you have road maps (you’ll be thankful in case of an issue with electronic equipment!) or a reliable GPS, as well as a charger for electronic devices.

Some journey planning tools

Atlas Obscura (
Thanks to the database of locations of that website, discover unusual and unknown places around the globe. Get off the beaten path and add adventure to your vacation.

Roadtrippers (
Roadtrippers is an online tool that helps you build your route and discover unique attractions along the way, including local curiosities, national parks, local diners, and other quirky roadside attractions.

Google Maps’ Local Guides
An underestimated tool, Google Maps can be very useful through the recommendations of its Local Guides. A community of explorers share their favorite places, including hidden gems and little-known places. You can look for nearby destinations and read the reviews and recommendations of locals.

Alternative travel guides
Travel guides like Lonely PlanetOff the Beaten Path or the Hidden Travel guides give destination information and inspiration, helping you get off the beaten paths and live authentic travel experiences.

Asking locals
Our favorite tip! When you arrive anywhere, the best way to learn what to do and see is to ask locals. They might recommend exciting places to visit, often know well-kept secrets in their area, and can suggest less crowded spots that get left of the tourist trail.

Have a nice road trip, and feel free to contact us to learn more about recreational rental options!

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