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Truck Rentals in Montreal

Location Légaré’s rental trucks will facilitate the transport of your belongings. With more than a dozen of truck models, you will certainly find the one that will fit your needs.

For example, a mini-cargo van is a cost-effective solution for moving and transporting small loads.

Pickup trucks, cube vans and cargo vans rentals are a great low-cost solution for any kind of shipments or even for making local equipment and product deliveries.

For household goods removal, we have a wide selection of moving vans: you can simply select the truck corresponding to your load. We carry 12’, 14’, 16’, 20’, 22’ and even 26-foot trucks. We also offer several items for your moves, such as blankets, devils or boxes.

Our moving trucks are well maintained and we pay special attention so that each customer leaves with a clean, smoke-free vehicle. Rent your truck now and contact us.

2-passenger mini cargo vans

Even with a second passenger, you’ll be at your ease when you transport equipment in this 2-seat mini cargo. It is in mint condition, non-smoking and very affordable.


A pick-up is the perfect solution when it comes to pulling a trailer or transporting equipment. Thanks to Location Légaré, you can rent one for an affordable price.

Closed box pick-ups

Whether it’s to transport equipment or to tow a trailer, opt to rent a van, box closed. Our pick-up vehicles are ideal for freight transport.

2-passenger cargo vans

Renting a 2-seat cargo van is the ideal option to transport equipment without worrying about temperature, thanks to a 10-foot-long box. Our Econoline vehicles are all non-smoking and in mint condition!

5-passenger cargo vans

Rent a 5-passenger cargo van and protect your equipment from the weather. With this Econoline, carry up to 5 people.

Super cargo vans

The rental of a super cargo van is very interesting when it comes to moving or transporting equipment. Capable of accommodating 3 people, our super cargo vans offer many benefits.

12-foot cube trucks

The rental of a 12-foot cube truck will make your move easier. Our trucks are non-smoking and in mint condition, which will help you avoid bad surprises.

14-foot cube trucks

Our 14-foot cube trucks are a sure bet: they are non-smoking, in excellent mechanical condition and very affordable. Renting a cube truck is ideal for a move!

16-foot cube trucks

Take advantage of the space and accessories offered by our 16-foot cube trucks, such as a freight elevator, to simplify your next move! Our vehicles ensure peace of mind when transporting your goods.

20-foot cube trucks

Carry your biggest furniture with our 20-foot cube trucks for an efficient and safe move. We ensure you a reliable rental and vehicles in mint condition.

22-foot cube trucks

Non-smoking, in excellent mechanical condition, our 22-foot cube trucks are perfect for transporting a large volume of goods without worrying about the outside temperature.

26-foot cube trucks

Renting a 26-foot cube truck is the ideal option for large-scale moves. Affordable, non-smoking and safe, our cube truck vehicles are available in a variety of sizes to facilitate the transportation of your goods.
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