Car rentals in Montreal

Do you need to rent a car? You can choose from the list below the vehicle that fits your requirements. We also offer SUV and minibus rentals.

Subcompact cars


Our subcompact cars are perfect for city driving. They offer good fuel economy so you can ride without spending too much.

Compact cars

Toyota Yaris or equivalent

Our compact cars are ideal to accommodate 5 passengers who would like to escape for a weekend or a onetime getaway that requires practical space.

Mid-size cars

Chevrolet Cruze or equivalent

You’ll have peace of mind with our mid-size cars as they’re offering more passenger comfort and more storage space than compact vehicles.

Full-size cars

Ford Fusion or equivalent

Our full-size 5-passenger cars are well suited for small families. They’re ideal for holidays thanks to the possibility of storing about four medium suitcases.

Full-size cars HYBRID

Ford Fusion hybride or equivalent

The rental of a stylish and energy-efficient 5-seat full-size car is ideal for city driving and short daily trips.

Luxury cars

Chrysler 300 or equivalent

Renting a luxurious car is the ideal choice when you need a refined and spacious vehicle that can easily accommodate up to 5 people.


Dodge Grand Caravan or equivalent

You could escape with up to 6 passengers by renting one of our minivans. They offer enough cabin space so that everyone is comfortable and can bring in their luggage.

Compact SUVs

Toyota Rav4 or equivalent

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Rent one of our 5-passenger compact SUVs! You won’t find a better way to head off to adventure.

Mid-size SUVs

Ford Explorer or equivalent

Our 5-, 7- or 8*-seat SUVs are medium-sized sport utility vehicles that offer more passenger comfort and more storage space than compact SUVs.

Full-size SUVs

Ford Expedition or equivalent

Renting a full-size SUV that can accommodate 7 or 8 passengers is exactly what you need for your next expedition.

Executive vans

Our company offers you the rental of 8-seat executive vans. Equipped with a DVD player and many other accessories, they’ll certainly entertain your 7 passengers along the way.

8-passenger vans

Up to 8 people will be able to take a seat on one of our rental vans. All 8-passenger vans are in excellent mechanical condition; they’re also available in different sizes.

15-passenger minibuses

Make it easy to manage your trips when travelling in groups with one of our 15-seat minibuses. Our vehicles are in mint condition so you can drive peacefully.

21-passenger minibuses

Simplify the organization of your rides and group trips by renting a 21-seat minibus that can comfortably accommodate all of you. It's nice, simple and safe!
Three centers available

Montréal 3035, rue Hochelaga
Montréal (Québec) H1W 1G1
514 522-6466 Operating hours

Laval 1501, boul. des Laurentides
Laval (Québec) H7M 2Y3
514 522-6466 Operating hours

Saint-Constant330, route 132
Saint-Constant (Québec) J5A 1M3
514 522-6466 Operating hours