Truck rental : Tips & tricks to prevent an expensive incident

18 November 2022

If you are renting a truck, chances are that you are not used to driving big vehicles.

This skill can be achieved through practice—No need to say then that if you rent a vehicle you’re not familiar with for 24 or 48 hours, you are at risk of committing mistakes. Unfortunately, making a mistake behind the wheel may be quite expensive. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid unexpected and unwanted additional costs.

Location Légaré

1. Test the vehicle.

Find an open space and test the vehicle’s response. Move backward and forward, turn, and pay attention to rear-view mirrors, to what you see, and to the blind spots. Get used to the appropriate driving style for the truck. This practice session will teach you the basics should you eventually face a situation when you need to react quickly.

2. Take the time to explore the surroundings.

There may be sharp turns, narrow streets, many vehicles on the road… Be aware of your environment and adapt to it.

3. Parking lots: You can never be too cautious!

We know that a large percentage of accidents happen in parking lots. Therefore, extra vigilance is required. There is no room for pride; if you can’t see well around the truck, ask the passenger (or a by-passer if you have to!) to guide you. Be patient and take the time to assess the space availability around the vehicle.

4. Keep cones with you

If you are alone, they will be very helpful as a warning sign to caution traffic of your presence and to create a buffer zone where you intend to park.

5. Last, but surely not least

Check your insurance policies before renting the vehicle. You have a car? Does your insurance cover rental cars? What’s the amount of the deductible? Do you know if your credit card provides rental car insurance? Many options are possible. And in any case, what’s important to keep in mind is that it can be a challenge even for the most experienced driver to drive a vehicle they’re not used to. Take your time! The Légaré team wishes you total peace of mind!

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