How to move your refrigerator the right way

11 June 2018
Planning to move? There’s a lot to do, and many things do not lend themselves to improvisation. It is the case of your refrigerator, which requires some precautions if you wish to keep it in good condition.

Obviously, the first step is to empty your fridge. Ideally, organize your last week's meals based on the foods you already have; you will limit both the waste and the amount of things to carry. The fridge must be unplugged at least twelve hours before the move, and the freezer portion itself may take six to eight hours to defrost. Remember to put absorbent fabrics on the floor to soak up any water that may drip. Leave the fridge and freezer doors open to prevent mold and mildew.

Once your freezer has completely defrosted, thoroughly clean and dry all surfaces to prevent rust and odors. Then, make sure all items such as grates and bins are securely in place. Many moving companies won’t take responsibility for your device if it has been poorly prepared for transport. And anyways, you want to take care of it and don’t wish to lose parts along the way! Use regular tape instead of the famous duct tape, which often leaves marks and residue. Also secure the doors with a strap or stretch film.

When the time to carry the fridge comes, if you do it yourself, you should know that it is crucial that the fridge always stays upright, or at least at an angle greater than 45 degrees. Compressors are sensitive to horizontal transport vibrations and the refrigeration circuit may be damaged by the engine oil. (Important: when you arrive at your destination, wait a while before connecting your refrigerator to allow the fluids to stabilize.)

Measure the dimensions of your refrigerator to make sure that its size matches the space where you intend to place it, but also to plan the move and to choose what is best. Your small car just won’t do? Location Légaré has a wide choice of vehicles in impeccable condition that would be perfect, from cargo vans to cube trucks or closed box pick-ups. Rent them at low cost for the period of your choice. We even rent several moving accessories such as blankets, hand trucks and belts.

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