Celebrate spring with friends and family!

16 April 2019

Sugar shacking is one of Quebec’s most popular springtime activities. It’s a local tradition that leads to festive gatherings, family reunions… and a variety of toothachingly sweet stuff!

For an experience that’s even more unifying and memorable, traveling together may just be the best idea! Instead of going with two or three cars, why don’t you rent an 8-passenger executive van? Thanks to its DVD player, you’re guaranteed a relaxing ride home after a day spent in fresh air.

That being said, on your way to the sugar shack, make the most of this group outing—have fun! Feel like a kid again as you sing your favorite childhood songs or rhymes! Frere Jacques, Mary Had a Little Lamb, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Old MacDonald Had a Farm… The possibilities are almost endless, and you can even turn the van into a mobile karaoke!

You love a friendly competition? There are a lot of fun games to play on your way to the sugar shack! Here are a few suggestions:

The license plate game

Every one looks for license plates from different provinces or states and the person that has the most wins.

20 questions

Someone picks a person or an object and the other passengers have to guess who or what it is using only 20 questions.

Memory game

Someone says “I’m going out on a picnic and I’m bringing” followed by something. The next player has to remember the item and to add something else, etc. Each passenger must have all the items in the correct order or is eliminated.

For extra fun with family and friends, you can rent a 15-passenger or 21-passenger minibus (4B driver’s license required).

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